Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why rebounds are rarely permanent

When I first met B at my friends L and M's wedding in August, I thought he was amazing. Cute, a great dancer, into hiking--we totally hit it off. I've seen him now 5 or 6 times and the newness is starting to wear off.

1. He acts like he wants to be with me but then flakes out. Consistently.
2. He doesn't call when he says he'll call
3. He's bad in bed. Consistently. Especially when drunk.
4. He goes from behaving as if he genuinely enjoys my company to acting like I'm taking up his precious time.
5. He talks about other women that want him, and had the gall to show me a topless picture that one of said women had given him.
6. He talks about sex with his ex-girlfriends as a way to soothe his ego after being bad in bed.
7. He keeps telling me how much I'd like his ex-girlfriends.
8. He talks about the necessity of respect in relationships and how most guys don't know how to step up, but then he disrespects me and doesn't know when to step up.

None of these are traits that I would want in any real relationship. It's too bad. He seemed like such an anomaly when I met him-- the proverbial man among boys. Well, my faith is flagging a little--I guess we'll see what the universe coughs up next.

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Carmen said...

I think the Two-pump Chump Offenders are playing a gig at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday. :-) Best band name of the week!