Thursday, July 24, 2008


I forgot to mention this and I'd say I'm not sure how that happened, but I have officially lost my brain over the past few months and it seems like I remember things a lot less frequently than I forget them these days.


SMTT is gone.

(For now)

We came back from our road trip to find two "Do not park--moving" signs taped to the trees in front of the house, which was curious because we didn't know about anyone moving in or out. Two days later, we heard her making the biggest racket, dragging something (or things) around and then crashing down the stairs. Sure enough, she was dragging two suitcases, which she handed off to the driver of one of the pretentious Prius cabs that she takes. I checked my email and there it was. The best summer gift we could have asked for. An email announcing that she was off to Africa to do research and wouldn't be back until the end of August.


We danced. I'm serious--we did an actual jig.

Life at home has been so much more pleasant and relaxed since then. We're now hoping she falls head over heels in love with someone who lives in Africa and decides never to come back. Actually, Lunchboy floated an idea involving Ebola but we decided that was too inhumane (it was funny, though). If you lived underneath SMTT, Ebola might be funny to you, too. Though I can't make any guarantees.


Elle Charlie said...

What GREAT news! I can imagine you're much calmer with her gone. I'll cross my fingers for you that she meets her match in Africa (I'd think about crossing them for the Ebola thing but I need all the good Karma I can get and that might not help my case...).

I keep meaning to email you so I thought I'd comment instead. Sorry about the monsoon and the white top... that's no fun. For you :) Might be fun for inappropriate coworkers.

higgypiggy said...

Yay! That bitch can rot for all I care!