Wednesday, July 02, 2008


What happens when you try to order a lot of food? I'm serious--when you are ravenously hungry and you order a crapload of whatever food you're dying to eat, what happens? Is the food prepared and brought to you swiftly and without question? Or do you get looks?

I get looks. Apparently being petite and female means I am not allowed to eat a lot. If I go into any of the food establishments near my office and order two grilled cheese sandwiches, this is what happens without fail:

Me: I'd like two grilled cheese sandwiches, please.

Them: ???

Me: Two. Grilled Cheese. Sandwiches, please. (maybe I talk quietly?)

Them: TWO?

Me: Yes, two.

Them: Ok. (raised eyebrows, not sure if they heard me correctly) Two you said?

One thing I will say for Wisconsin is that this doesn't happen there. In Wisconsin, you can order two 4-cheese sandwiches and no one blinks an eye. All they want to know is do you want mustard with that. I wish more people could be like the people in Wisconsin.

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