Monday, January 28, 2008

Tastes like...burning!

Tonight Lunchboy will be vaporizing his taste buds at the East Coast Grill’s Hell Night. I’m not sure how a man who loves frying his tongue ended up marrying someone who’s a self-proclaimed spice wuss, but there you have it. This is the man who used to have spicy food parties with his friends to see who could eat the spiciest thing on the table. Once, two of his friends ate something (he still won't tell me what) that was so spicy they temporarily lost their hearing. They recount this story and laugh at the humor of it all.

Fun! Hahaha!!!!

Me, I order my Indian food mild to medium and avoid anything that resembles a pepper because you never know what it could entail (this stems from an incident at Boston Beer Works involving nachos, hidden jalapenos, and liquid streaming from every orifice in my face—good times). So while he’s off annihilating his mouth and digestive tract, I’ll be cozy on the couch watching Mansfield Park and eating something extremely bland, and waiting to see if he has smoke coming out his ears when he walks in the door.

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mean g said...

Spanky's Pizza slipped a jalapeno into a ham/pineapple calzone on me once. Not only did the same physical reaction as you happen, but I also felt betrayed by old Spanky. I also may or may not have been drunk, thus blowing the entire incident out of proportion in my memory.