Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plain Jane

This is clap your hands and bounce up and down in your office chair exciting. Four months of Jane Austen movies on PBS! Suddenly, winter isn’t looking so bleak anymore.

It is, however, Lunchboy’s worst nightmare (wait—his nightmare might be an Anne of Green Gables marathon, but let’s not get our hopes up). Last night I watched “Persuasion,” which I Tivoed on Sunday. The movie was 90 minutes long and Lunchboy spent the entire hour and a half swanning around the house with his arm draped over his forehead, pained to the point of melodrama that he couldn’t play Wii and had to tolerate a movie that *gasp* involved FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Periodically he’d pause in the living room to watch and then ask what was going on. “Will you please just sit and watch?” I finally said. “It’s not that bad.” “Baby, he replied, “that might actually be more emasculating than being sent to CVS for maxi pads.”

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