Thursday, February 15, 2007

La la la (fingers in ears)

After waking up to the sounds of sirens, screeching tires, and cars flailing their way out of icy berths, I made an executive decision to work from home today. Well, that wasn’t all of it. There was the fact that the pipes froze at some point during the night and they needed babysitting with the space heater and the hair dryer, too. But I’m trying to focus on the nice part about being able to stay inside all day.

Two weeks ago, dealing with frozen pipes by myself might have made me slightly hysterical but given the fact that the last 14 days have witnessed a litany of house upkeep issues that I’ve dealt with sans Lunchboy, it’s getting to be routine. For a while I was frustrated and angry about the fact that I was left here to deal with everything—drafty windows, broken heating, basement flooding, total cat insanity, all laundry, shopping, and every last minute wedding to-do (particularly thank you notes) by myself while he got to stay in cozy, heated hotels around the greater NYC/NJ area, but anger didn’t get me anywhere so I let it go. I’m still upset about the basement flooding last night that ruined a favourite (and expensively framed) poster that I brought back from my junior year abroad in Italy, though. I really loved that print.

Anyhoo. The decision to work from home was apparently a good one because when I tried to walk down to Subway at lunch, I discovered that the neighbourhood is pretty much unwalkable. Also, our garbage and recycling bins are frozen into place and I don’t think they’re going anywhere until spring.

Currently avoiding: seating chart, place cards, table names, printing the programs. I want one of those magical wedding planners from “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway,” which I have to stop watching or my brain might explode.

That said--9 days!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!

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