Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Coffee now!!!!

We decided to skip Valentine's Day this year and it's a huge relief. I hadn't realized how much pressure goes along with that holiday...well, that's not true. The shitty thing about Valentine's Day is how loaded it is with expectations. Too many expectations will wreck any situation and there's no way to avoid them in this case. Gifts, flowers, dinner, creative ways to express your affection--and it's all expected. Retch. Historically, Valentine's Day has not been my friend, except for the fact that it's Bligh's birthday (happy birthday, Bligh!) but it doesn't always get better when you have a significant other to celebrate with. After this, I might actually boycott Valentine's from here on out. I'd rather give a hug when it's least expected than when it's taken for granted, you know?

In two weeks, we'll be on the beach in Maui. Given how freaking cold it is outside, the existence of the beach seems almost dream-like. I lose circulation in my toes on the way to the bus in the morning and they don't get feeling back until after I've been parked in front of the space heater under my desk at work for a good 10 minutes. Gotta love Reynaud's syndrome. They actually turn white and go numb--it's the weirdest feeling.

Side note--the brain fuzzies are gone and so is Danger Week! Woo! I was a bit of a weepy puss this month but I'll take tears over irrational anger any day. Tears are cathartic, even when they come out of nowhere. The cats, however, are very perplexed. Why is mom so upset? I have to assure them that everything is fine, that I am not leaving their father, I am simply melting down over the complete lack of chocolate in the house. That and the fact that I'm going to sleep alone again for the umpteenth time. But bring me M&Ms and that'll make it better. They haven't made it to CVS yet, though.

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