Saturday, August 05, 2006

Celebrity magnet

After I moved to LA in 2003, it took a good three months for me to see a celebrity on the street. Considering how everyone else seemed to see celebrities in the mirror when they got up to brush their teeth in the morning, it was frustrating that I appeared to repel celebrities like a magnet turned the wrong way around. Where I went, the celebrities were not.

Lunchboy, on the other hand, attracted the celebrities like flies. After lunch last Friday, we went to the Santa Monica stairs so I could fulfill my stairs fetish. As we stood at the base of the stairs, I looked up at the people on their way down and recognized a face.

"Look! It's Luke Wilson!!"

In fact, it was Owen Wilson. Hansel in the flesh. And he totally heard me get his name wrong. We managed to get some distant, sweaty pictures of him on the stairs with his trainer (maybe training for Zoolander 2? Wishful thinking?) That's him in the blue shirt, shielding his face from my extremely inconspicuous picture taking.

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