Saturday, August 26, 2006

Armani don't make polyester

I want to know exactly when tapered pants came back into vogue. I mean really--whose bright idea was that? It must have been the same person who's behind the whole skinny jeans phenomenon, ie someone with long, thin legs and no hips. "Let's make everybody look pear-shaped!" they said with glee. Yesterday I went to the Gap at lunch to try and find some new work pants. Lo and behold, all I found were skinny jeans and pants with tapered legs. I have issues enough with my lower body--I don't need to be buying clothes (or even being in the position of unknowingly trying on clothes) that exacerbate my hips and thighs any more than necessary. It's totally unfair.

On the wedding front (speaking of things that make me pay attention to my hips), we officially have a place and a date. Mark your calendars: February 24th, here we come. That means we also have...6 months. As Franck said in Father of the Bride, that is not very much time. I need Franck right now. Xanax? MeanG?


Mean G said...

I only have hydroxyzine right now which is technically an antihistamine. But it lets me sleep. (Stupid doesn't-believe-in-addicting-drugs doctor.)

Trouble in Shangri La said...

Tylenol P.M. works pretty damn good, but I wouldn't take it every night. I have a prescription for Lunesta for my insomniac nights, but I try to space it out because it loses effectiveness if you use it too much. I've heard that Ambien can be taken nightly, though.