Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fever dreams

Shuttling back and forth between Lunchboy’s house and my own apartment, I sometimes lose a few things along the way. On Mondays, that thing is usually my brain. When he’s traveling, he’s out of the house at 5:15am and even though I fall back asleep, being awake briefly always plays with my head. Mondays are when I discover that I forgot to transfer my wallet from my overnight bag to my work bag, when I go looking for a piece of clothing and realize that it’s in a drawer a few miles away, when I spill coffee on my keyboard because I’m tired and in a rush.

Today is an honorary Monday in that way. The power went out at his place last night, but in dribs and drabs rather than all at once. A lamp went out in the bedroom, and then a few hours later all the lights in the kitchen and living room went dead. Lunchboy’s departure this morning was accompanied by phones ringing, lights flashing and cats crying. Then, about 20 minutes after he walked out the door, the power to the outlet running the AC went dead. Were it not a million degrees outside, this would have been less disturbing but since it was both hot and ridiculously, hair-curlingly humid outside, it was a problem. Somehow I fell back asleep and had weird, fever-like dreams in which I felt like I was being weighed down by layers of heat. Somehow my wallet found its way into my work bag and I didn’t leave my computer in the wrong house before I headed to work, but my eyelids are heavy heavy heavy.

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