Sunday, August 31, 2008


We are out in the Berkshires for the long weekend and it is so lovely here. I took Lunchboy to Kripalu yesterday. We had yummy, healthy food and walked around and just being there relaxed me like it always does. Until I noticed that the trees are starting to turn. Not yet!! I am so unprepared for fall. It feels like the summer raced by and I guess it did -- I think I slept it away. Lunchboy keeps reassuring me that I'll be generating lots of extra heat this winter and that will make the cold weather more bearable but I just want summer to stay!

We're off to go laze by a lake today. Maybe we'll go back to Kripalu again later on --I really didn't want to leave. It's such a special place to me but usually I'm ready to go home after a few days because I miss my love, but when he's there I could stay for a long, long time. Though I think he'd lose his mind over the lack of meat and the restrictions on cell phone and computer use. He ate dinner happily last night but under his breath he kept muttering "so where's the Burger King? Why can't I turn on my phone?"

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