Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's raining and I'm cranky

The possibility that pegged jeans are being forced back into fashion is making me cringe. I didn't get the pegged thing even when it was big in the 80s. Not only did the cool kids peg their jeans, they knew HOW to peg their jeans and I definitely did not. I needed someone to sit me down and show me that you had to fold the cuff over itself before rolling it up. But no one ever did, so I just rolled up my cuffs and winced as they swished around my ankles. I was that out of it when it came to clothes.

It's entirely possible that I'm feeling sensitive about the pegged jeans thing because right now Facebook is bringing up all kinds of memories and baggage from the past that I am now remembering I left behind me ON PURPOSE. Hormones and high school were a bad mix then and they aren't doing me any favors now. "Join Facebook!!" everyone said. "Join my mob on Facebook!" They didn't mention that seeing the names of all those people I went to college to get away from would inspire several nights' worth of high school nightmares. Thank you, hormones. It's so much fun dreaming that the cool kids are being spare in their friend invites and very picky in the ones they accept--I love feeling inadequate because of a website. And yes, I'm just a little oversensitive!

Things I would like:

to never hear another word about Brett Favre

to fit into my pants again

to leave all those stupid freshman year hookups where they belonged--in freshman year, not in my inbox attached to a friend request.

Now I would like another grilled cheese, yespleasethankyou.

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