Monday, September 11, 2006

All made out of ticky-tacky

Yesterday the basement flooded again, this time for no apparent reason. It turns out our neighbor's water heater exploded. Now our plumbing is making very angry noises whenever we try to use the water. I am sore in strange places from mopping. Also from sprinting to our seats at the game yesterday. Everything is moving swiftly these days and my body hasn't quite caught up.

The Metrowest Daily news printed our engagement announcement last week and they got some crucial facts wrong. According to them, Lunchboy and I share a father and our parents both live in Somerville. Neither of these things is true. Another thing to set straight--getting married in February does not mean that I'm knocked up. Like 6 people have asked us this. So: 1, I'm not, and 2, if I were, why would I schedule the wedding to coincide with me reaching maximum density?

Scully is becoming more and more of an outdoor cat. Her latest favorite thing is taking dirt naps in the garden, an activity that leaves her extremely messy and a distinct shade of gray. Her new nickname is Pigpen. She has also taken to climbing the rhododendron bush/tree and we keep finding her perched in the bushes about 4 feet in the air.

Things are fine and yet they are slightly off kilter. Then again, could this day be normal. So much raw emotion in the air. I spent this morning reading the portraits of grief section of the New York Times and feeling as if I were standing on the edge of all the pain and loss that still rules so many people's lives. Horrible.


Carmen said...

Please frame that engagement announcement and submit a copy to the CJR. That's hilarious.

KittyBlogger said...


"Dirt nap" is also an earthy euphemism for going to sleep in the ground, along with being something you X-filin' feline enjoys.

Like, that old dude totally needs to take a dirt nap.

Just sayin'. It'd be sad were some casual surfer to mistake your intent.

Vancetastic said...

I had a rotten September 11th, too. And it had nothing to do with remembering The Day or anything. There was just annoyance in the air. Everything from the software at work not working, to me trying to cash in a coupon that had already expired. I wonder if this day will always end up just being some giant Mercury retrograde where things don't quite work right?

Moxie said...

Dirt nap is also a term from the Simpsons, a la this past Sunday.

Vance, I think you're right.