Saturday, June 18, 2005

Nose shock

When my roommate took off for her 5-day sojourn in Toronto, she left me with her stinky cat without ever asking if I would mind taking care of him. There are many things I can deal with and caring for cats is one of them. I'm a certified cat lady. But today, when Lunchboy and I came back to the apartment, the stench was palpable and overwhelming--and the roommate isn't even here! After we both recoiled and wrinkled our noses, I went in search of the smell's source. Turns out Clyde, angry at being left alone with a box full of recycled peanuts, decided to knock his whole litter box onto the floor of A's room, scattering nasty stuff EVERYWHERE. Then he rolled in the mess and tracked nasty recycled peanut dust through the whole apartment, all over the couch and into the kitchen. It was beyond vile. I almost lost it--why should I have to clean up after her stupid, messy, smelly cat and why should she and the stupid, smelly cat get to ruin the entire place? Seeing that I was close to meltdown, Lunchboy stepped in and took charge. He set up a fan in the living room to suck out all the nasty air, helped me spray the whole place with Citrus Magic and insisted on sweeping up the mess in A's room. I opened all the windows and swept up the litter from the rest of the apartment. By the time we were done, it wasn't quite as rancid but Scully still won't hang out anywhere except my room.

It's evil, but I take a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that A, being a completely irresponsible flake, forgot to move her car for street cleaning before she took off for Canada, so it got towed. She'll come back tomorrow and will have to wait until Monday to get her car out of hock.

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