Thursday, June 16, 2005

A breath of fresh air

My lovely roommate and her skanky boyfriend just left for a 5-day trip to Toronto. The upside is that she’s gone for 5 days and I have the place to myself!!!! The downside is that she (predictably) left a sinkful of nasty dishes, an overflowing trash can and a dirty kitchen that she’d promised to clean but clearly didn’t. Sigh. Now I can put her grouchy cat in her stinky room and close the door so he’ll stop bullying poor Scully. His bullying method of choice? Using Scully’s box. I sort of can’t blame him because A makes him use the recycled peanut variety of cat litter, rather than the sandy kind that cats instinctually like. Scully, being a lady, won’t use the box if he’s been in there. As a result, I’ve come home on the weekends to find lovely surprises on the floor of my room. This was extra fun when the temperature hit 90 degrees.

I Febrezed the couch and now it smells much better. Unfortunately, the Citrus Magic hasn’t made a dent in the bedroom stink.

Toronto, beware. It’s time to break out the air fresheners.


dc said...

Stick a box fan in the window, turn it on high facing out, close the door. Come back in a half hour and spray liberally with Oust...

lunchboy said...

how's the air smelling now?