Saturday, January 17, 2009

What could possibligh go wrong?

Griffin's new napping spot:

37 weeks (with new kitchen, dining room, part of the living room, and a snacking Scully in the background):

Feeling much better. Not commuting seems to have stopped me from becoming a walking sponge. We hung curtains in the nursery today, and now it's all mostly in place. Griffin agrees--the changing table has actually distracted her from sitting in the crib, which had become her new favorite game. Cat thinks she is a child. What a rude awakening she's going to have...


Elle Charlie said...

What a lovely, bright, airy space! It suits you - you're positively glowing! I am SO GLAD you guys have this new place for when the baby arrives - yay!

Blighsky said...

I have no idea what could possibligh go wrong. Probably nothing. But it's a great title all the same.