Monday, December 01, 2008

Little discoveries

Hola. Happy Thanksgiving! It is 55 degrees outside and I am happy as a clam--the longer it stays like this outside, the better life will be. Above 40 is my winter mantra. Because, you know, I live in a place where anyone has a right to criticize the winter weather.

The long weekend was lovely, full of naps and long, hot baths, and…packing. Yes, we are moving! More than that I cannot say for fear of jinxing things. Now we are in the midst of boxes and while we cannot wait to get into the new place, which is really a dream come true in many ways, I am realizing how in denial we are about leaving our house. It has been our first home together and it is full of love and memories and lots of happiness. We know we are doing the right thing but there is still something in my head that won't quite accept that this isn't the place that I will be bringing our baby home to. Then again, I am a giant hormonal mess at the moment, so please take all of this with a grain of salt.

Four things I wish someone had told me when I found out I was pregnant:

1. It is entirely possible that your boobs may decide to leak well before the baby is born. Like, many months earlier. This is ok.
2. Babies do not know better than to refrain from kicking you while you are using the restroom. This can be a very strange experience.
3. You are neither dying nor about to go into labor if you are walking down the street and suddenly you have to stop in your tracks because a very sharp elbow/knee/whathaveyou has found its way to your birthing region/bladder. From the inside. See above re: strange. Also, painful.
4. Telling someone "you are only going to get bigger" is never the right way to go. At any given moment I feel like I have reached maximum density, and there are still 8-10 weeks left. I have no idea how that's going to work.

Lately I find myself standing in Target or Babies R Us feeling like I'm supposed to be buying everything, yet I buy nothing because it is too overwhelming. So much depends on how big the kid actually ends up being. Nesting + ambiguity + hormones = chaos.


Megan said...

1. I'm starting to freak out b/c there is no leaking! Nothing!

3. Oh, I know the bladder punch. And this morning I officially got tired of the scraping elbow, which I finally managed to grab JD's hand in time for him to feel. He said, "" and I said, "uh huh."

4. The only person who suggested, (after I said that I felt pretty good, that I had been afraid I was going to be morbidly obese and I'm not) that "you'll probably put on all of the weight at the end, like in the last month" is an ex, who knows nothing. And to him I say IT'S THE LAST MONTH AND I STILL FEEL FANTASTIC! SO SUCK ON THAT! Hormones? What hormones? :)

Trust me when I say that at my shower you looked gorgeous.

Re: stuff- get thee to a library and get the Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear or whatever the hell it's called. I hated their pregnancy book, but the stuff book came in handy for helping me rule out the Crap I Don't Need. It was the only thing that helped me be able to look at baby stuff.

GOOD LUCK! And fingers crossed for your move.

Elle Charlie said...

What fantastic news! OMG, I'm so happy for you guys that things have worked out! Just think, now you'll be bringing your baby home to a nice, stress-free environment (okay, maybe not stress FREE, but much less toxic energy!). Although I know how you feel about leaving the place where you and Lunchboy started your life together - it was really sad for me to leave our Boston abode! So many happy memories... and the first place I'd lived in my adult life that felt like 'home'.

Anyway, can't wait to hear more!