Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tasty tasty

There are large chunks of this past weekend that I’ve blacked out, partly due to massive alcohol consumption and partly from denial (that would be the Patriots game).

The bachelorette party was on Friday and it was a total blast. Sassy women + lots of drinks + Chippendales boys + late night of dancing = good times. I seriously do not remember the last time I was up until 4am and I don’t know if I could do it again soon, by my god that was a night to remember (if I could remember all of it, that is.) I have pictures but they are kind of incriminating.

Call me naïve but I had no idea that a Chippendales show was interactive—I really thought it was a stage show with assigned seats etc. Silly me. And thank god for the multiple peachy drinks the girls fed me at Red Fez because otherwise I would have been paralyzed by mortification. Those Chippendales boys are not shy.

After the show, we went down to Encore for a while and listened to the piano. Across the room, two tables of impeccably made-up trannies were watching us and laughing. Then we headed back up to the Roxy. That was my first time getting patted down by club security—it made me feel my age.

We danced until all hours and then headed home. Lunchboy had waited up for us. If it were me and I had four loud, drunk people on my couch at 3am, I might not have been as easygoing as he was, but he was a total trooper. He made sure everyone got home and got to bed safely, that we all had greasy food for breakfast, that I didn’t have to get off the couch all day Saturday (which was huge because I wasn’t capable of being anything other than a lump.) I know the bachelorette party is all about having one last night of fun before marriage, but I was just so glad to come home to him. The Chippendales boys were hunky but they weren’t Lunchboy. I get the best one out there.


Lisa Taylor said...

i love it when i've just had the satisfaction of updating my blog and i press 'next blog' and someting good comes up. I spend a lot of time reading strange ones (I can get by in spanish, italian, french, portuguese, german and so even the foreign ones captivate me. Anyway, just alighted on yours and saying hi. I like reading blogs by younger women because now that i'm 40something that seems like my old life and i miss it. anyway, hi.

Ashtanga Renate said...


But psyched you had a great time :)

Blighsky said...

Ha ha. Chippendales. I'm glad that they weren't captivating. I mean, for your sake.
Men in Europe are also not shy. Hey, baby! Too bad they don't all look like Chippendales dancers.

Carmen said...

The pat-down aged me, too!

Thank you so much for including me. What a hilarious night.